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Profile of Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association


I. One. History
1. Establishment
The Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association was formerly the Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association Industry Association (台灣區寶石製品工業同業公會). It was founded on May 15, 1980. In 1985, it was renamed the Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association (台灣區珠寶製品工業同業公會). and the business scope was expanded. The association was founded at Room 611, No.41, Sec.1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Taipei and the name was changed again to the Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association on August 17, 1994. In July 2009, the address of the association was relocated to 4F, No.609, Linsen N. Rd, Taipei to better serve our members.
2. Previous Director-generals
‧First and Second term: Ghuang Chien E
‧Third and Fourth term: Lin Lin Chang
‧Fifth and Sixth term: Chen Jui Lin
‧Seventh term: Huang Hao Chuan
‧Eighth term: Stoney Su
‧Ninth term: Hsiao Hsin Tsai
‧10th term: Hsiao Hsin Tsai
3. Objective
  The association stands by the objective of coordinating relationships within the industry, enhancing mutual interests and promoting economic development. In response to the government’s policy on the freedom of international trade, the association has fought for tax exemption on imported and exported jewelry products. In addition, we have forged a sister alliance with the National Chinese American Jewelry Association and striven for the reduction of customs duty on imported jewelry products from Taiwan; we have achieved unprecedented success.
4. Yearbook
‧Every year, the association’s yearbook “Taiwan Jewelry” magazine is published domestically and internationally.
5. Jewelry Special Issue
  The jewelry special issue, which has been jointly published with the Industrial Development Bureau since 1993, is comprised of seven volumes so far, including “Magnificent Coral”, “Gold and Ornaments”, “Crystal and Agate”, “High-tech Gems”, “Pearl World”, “Taiwan’s Precious Jades” and “Fashion Accessories”. The publications were quite a sensation among academia and in the industry.
6. Technology Cooperation
  Between July 25, 1995 and June 2, 1997, the “Technical Assistance to the Bahamas in the Development of Conch Shell Processing Industry” collaboration with the International Cooperation and Development Fund demonstrated outstanding results.
7. Participation in Exhibitions
  Every year, we assemble teams to participate in jewelry exhibitions throughout the world, thereby assisting our members in promoting international trade and increase business opportunities.
8. Committee
  In order to enhance the association’s service, five committees were established, including the Manufacturing and Processing Research Committee (製造加工研究委員會), Market Expansion Research Committee (市場開發研究委員會), Public Relations Research Committee (公共關係研究委員會), Mainland Affairs Research Committee (大陸事務研究委員會) and the Jewelry Appraisal Research Committee (珠寶鑑定研究委員會).
9. Taipei International Jewelry Show
  The Taipei International Jewelry Show is held annually, this year (2010) is the 22nd show.
10. Various Interchange Events
  Irregular overseas visiting groups are organized to assist the members in increasing trading activities through actual visits and interviews.
II. Membership Structure
  The association has 186 member firms in total, consisting of gemstones, semi-gemstones, shells, gem coral, synthetic gemstones, fashion accessory processing, manufacturing and gemstone processing tool manufacturing firms. This is the only professional jewelry association in Taiwan.
III. Awards
‧Received numerous Grade-A Awards through the MOI Civic Organizations Evaluation.
‧4F, No.609, Linsen N. Rd., Taipei